On-Site & Remote Services

Tech Support

Our Technical Team collectively represents over 50 years of broad, Information Technology experience ranging from Computing, Networking, and Security Systems design and management to hardware, specification, procurement, installation, and support.

We can provide support either on-site or remotely (using secure tools and methods) according to the specific request or needs of our customers.

Network & System Security

The first line of defense is always Physical Access. We work with our customers to identify the safest physical positioning of resources within their premises, or we offer cloud hosting at our high-security, data center. Next, we focus on Electronic access using complex passwords with multi-factor authentication (MFA), firewalls, network segregation, and filtration applications and services. Last, yet perhaps most important, are Backups and Disaster Recovery Plans to protect against hardware failures and other unforeseeable events that may strike your business.

SPAM and Web Filtration

We support various email systems and with email comes the annoyance of SPAM. We offer filtration services to help protect email inboxes by flagging or removing spurious traffic or outright malicious content. When you consider the amount of time saved in having to wade through unwanted to inappropriate SPAM messages this service’s high value becomes evident. In addition, we offer Web/Content Filtration which can prohibit access to online sites and resources that are not consistent with a Client’s business or mission.

Virus Removal & Prevention Systems

We offer a leading-edge Anti-Virus product which has a proven history while not slowing down performance or insinuating itself into client systems. In the occasional instance where something slips through or is inadvertently brought in via physical media, we have tools to diagnose and remove most infections. Furthermore, if we are providing backup services, we can simply restore an un-compromised versions of customer files and/or data.

Network Systems & Service Monitoring

When we manage customer systems we establish auto-reporting regimes to keep us informed of system status. In most cases we will learn of a problem and begin to address it before the customer is even aware of any issues. We can update the customer based on their preferences – especially whenever a serious concern arises.

Backup & Recovery Services

Comprehensive, true backups are a key part of customer security. We offer several levels of backup & recovery support. These range from simple, local (on the customer’s premises) solutions to local and offsite, or local and offsite with redundant offsite backups. Good backups provide for relatively quick recovery from:

  • accidental file deletion
  • intentional file deletion
  • corrupted data and files (virus, hack, etc.)
  • database or workstation data
  • operating-system recovery at disk
  • platform-level recovery, including servers
  • threats from ransomware

PC/Server Configuration & Maintenance

We support customer data operations from desktop input to on-site (or remote) storage. We serve customers ranging from small, private schools with very lean budgets to prosperous businesses who still want the best price/performance results. When engaged by our customers to provide hardware resources (PCs, Printers, Servers, etc.) we leverage several sourcing relationships to insure the best possible cost-performance outcome.

Technology Environment Design

Whether a customer is beginning a new enterprise, or updating an existing one; we are here to serve with broad knowledge and experience to survey your situation, note your goals, and design, equip, and implement your technology environment to serve your daily operations, data storage and backups, and wired and/or wireless requirements. We also support (camera) surveillance options to help protect the enterprise’s physical environment.

Internet-based Telephone & Fax

We support telephone and facsimile (Fax) services. We have partnered with a new phone systems provider offering hardware and services which we use ourselves. We can also support other telecommunication configurations. Our goal is the same as always: to provide the best result for the cost, “Bang for the Buck” that we can for our customers.

Our preferred fax solution utilizes an internet-based service that costs less than a dedicated fax line, and it integrates with email so that a specific fax machine (or fax capable device) is not required.

Local Area Network Design & Implementation

We offer internal network solutions designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Implementation begins with a reliable firewall and proceeds to switching, cabling, wall-jacks, wireless access points, servers, printers, cameras, and any other resources that need to communicate either within the enterprise or outside of the enterprise over the internet to other entities or services.