Industry Experience

Network Design and Implementation

Collectively, our team represents over 50 years of IT Systems design, implementation, and support serving environments ranging from classified, military-program support to schools, small and medium sized businesses, State departmental units, entertainment including theaters and racing.  Each of these represent a varied set of procurement, resource, operational, and security requirements.  We are also experienced with both physical (copper, and fiber) and extended-distance or special-instance wireless (RF) network communications.  We look forward to the opportunity to meet the challenges that every customer presents with their individual and sometimes very unique operational needs.

PC/Server Configuration and Maintenance

Our collective platform experience extends from Linux, Mac, and DOS/Windows desktop configuration and support to Linux clusters, Mac Server and Mobile Platform Management, to Windows Servers, and even large-scale, IBM Mainframe Application systems and support. 

Hosted Servers

A ‘Hosted Server’ is either a physical server that we ‘host’ within our data center, or a Virtual server that we host within one of our (physical) Virtual Hosting Servers. We provide this service for a number of our customers who either do not want their own on-premises servers or whose business is entirely virtual. One of the key benefits of a hosted, virtual server is that our backup systems can restore a failed or compromised server within a few minutes, or restore a lost or accidentally deleted file in a matter of seconds. Hosted servers benefit from the high-security in place at our data center, which also has emergency power and other failsafe systems in place. Additionally, hosted servers consume considerably less power which benefits our environment at large. 

Our server hosting supports Websites, email, client-domain authentication, basic file service, database, and accounting.

Accounting Systems

Many of our customers utilize QuickBooks for their Accounting and bookkeeping needs.  We have several years’ experience supporting these implementations – including multiple version support as required by our customers.

Information Recovery

We utilize best-in-practice backup systems and regimes to ensure minimum ‘down-time’ for our customers.
We also have considerable experience with data recovery in cases where storage media has suffered corruption or failure due to either physical damage or operating/file-system corruption.  (Windows Update problems account for many of these).

System Security

We evaluate system security for every new customer and work closely with the customer to correct or improve on any issues that we find.  System Security begins with physical access, and continues with Best-Practice, access authentication, developing good user habits, and on through proven Anti-Virus protection (software) and reliable backup services.

Non-Profit Assistance

We support several non-profit customers, from various private schools, to churches, to public service, philanthropic and humanitarian organizations.  We help our customers get the best use of their funding through our ever-growing knowledge of and experience with special funding sources dedicated to supporting non-profit operations according to the purposes of each.  We also can assist customer grant writers with technical support as they compose applications. 

Spam and Web Filtration

We support SPAM and Web filtration for several customers.  Our Anti-SPAM offerings help to cut down on the amount of unwanted, spurious email.  Web filtration allows a customer to stipulate types of web sites they do not want accessed via their intranet resources.  A strong example is schools which want students to do proper research online, but do not want them accessing social-media, gaming, purchasing, or other perhaps objectionable matter that is not consistent with the school’s mission.

Point of Sale and PCI Compliance (for on-line, credit-card, purchases).

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) are established by the PCI Security Council.
PCI compliance is required for Credit, Debit, and PrePaid payment card transactions. Several of our
customers offer products or services which can be paid for online using payment cards. We support the necessary system and resource configuration to keep them, their clients and those online transactions safe.