Hosting Services

Office 365

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) we offer and support Office 365 from Microsoft.  Office 365 is the latest version of Microsoft’s productivity suite including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc. in a web based, cloud-hosted format.  We assist customers in selecting license options to best serve their operations.  Basic licensing categories are: 

  • For-Profit
  • Non-Profit
  • Academic

Some clients opt to pair their implementations with locally installed versions of the Office Suite.  We can support by making sure the customer’s licensing is set up in the best possible configuration.

Client Enterprise Internet (Web) Presence

Our extensive experience in Internet services allows us to assist customers in selecting the right web services in a cost-effective configuration for public-facing resources.  Some other providers charge higher rates and upsell to superfluous or plain inaccurate services with high pricing. That serves those providers, but not their customers. We can help our customers avoid that from the start, or assist them in moving to better services where we note improvements over their current services.

Hosted Exchange

For customers who want the features and proven utility of Microsoft Exchange, we offer Exchange hosting.  This provides an alternative to ‘free email’ or cloud-hosted email – systems which are supported by unknown operators working domestically or internationally.  We host from our Secure Data Center utilizing either virtual or physical servers depending on our customer’s preferences.

Hosted Server & Infrastructure

Similar to Exchange hosting, we offer core server hosting.  This is scalable based on customer preferences and needs. It can either provide complete services from Authentication, File/Data, Database (SQL Server, other), Backup, eMail, or other dedicated server implementations. In each case of Hosted Infrastructure, the customer’s implementation is protected by a dedicated firewall – none of the hosted server environments can interact with or be compromised by another from within. Each will also operate as if it is on-site with the customer (depending on the internet service level at the client’s location).

An important consideration for hosted services is that it can be backed up in such a way as to be completely recoverable in MINUTES. It should never take hours of zipped backups partially restoring pieces of your server, no, the backup should support fast and efficient recover should the need ever arise. That is especially important when implemented using virtualization technologies.

Accounting Systems

We host a number of QuickBooks implementations for our clients who rely on our dedicated attention to security and privacy. We also have a number of professional accounting and bookkeeping partners that we can refer you to if you need hands on help on your business finances, revenue and taxes.

Off-site Data Replication & Backup

Want data security? You need effective backup solutions, especially those provided off site. Off-Site is especially important when accounting for the possibility of disaster recovery. Disaster Recovery considers the possibility of external events, e.g.: Fires, Earthquakes, or Floods which might render their on-site resources damaged and unrecoverable.  The frequency of such events may be low, but the potential impact devastating and avoidable with the right backups. By maintaining Off-Site services with us, we can restore a client to near normal operation within a few hours with minimal loss of data.

Hosted Terminal & Remote Desktop  Services

Based on their particular business operations model, some customers are best served by Hosted Terminal services wherein a Terminal Server (either physical or virtual) is configured providing a ‘virtual workstation’ which is specifically configured for the client – especially where physical distribution of team members makes support of (identical – Find better word) physical workstations particularly difficult.  They access a virtual desktop environment on the server that provides the preferred business OS and applications suite to the member as if they are in a common office.

In other cases, software licensing does not support/allow the Terminal Server model, but the customer has a physical setting where physical workstations are configured for the business; these workstations (PCs) are accessed remotely by team members from off-site locations allowing them to work as if setting in front of the PC in the office.   Both of these options can be supported with high security with the proper customer IT environment configuration.

PCI Compliant Environments

Many of our customers provide products and services online.  We support payment card industry (PCI) compliance, which is required by banking services for online credit card transactions.

Email & Website Hosting

We have described our email services and hosting. We also support website hosting – either from within our own cloud services or utilizing a vetted selection of reliable, cost effective external services. Depending on the customer’s support requirement, we will either provide the service and support directly, or we will engage one of our trusted and vetted partners. Any partner-provided services are clearly covered with the customer and consistent with our business and service model to deliver quality results.