05 Aug 2019

About Us

CRD Solutions is a complete IT solutions

05 Aug 2019

CRD Solutions is a complete IT solutions provider, meaning we can address all your technology needs. We create customized solutions to meet the individual requirements of our clients, making sure that all aspects of a recommended solution integrate with existing systems. This includes identifying shareable resources within the client organization, allowing companies of all sizes access to the tools, functionality, and security of enterprise-level systems.

At CRD Solutions, we put ethics into practice every day. Our clients trust us to respect their budgets and provide the best products and services. Our team strives to create a lasting relationship with each business we support. Highly-detailed invoices ensure that no matter how knowledgeable you are, you can clearly see what was done or provided. Our technicians have more than 18-years of experience with small to medium size businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, and religious organizations. We support the full range of client systems from desktops, cloud-hosted systems, security systems, and everything in between.

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